Educating Minds and Nourishing Lives

Offering expert workshops in nutrition and health at your school developing positive body image messaging and education around food and nutrition, your school community will learn in a friendly and simple manner about the importance of Nutrition and Health!
Having worked with thousands of school staff and children, being the founder of School Health UK, I understand schools and will help you build strong foundations for a lifetime of healthy living!

Improving the Health of Your School's Community

Fun, interactive workshops for children

I provide in-person workshops to uplift and empower your students while nurturing their self-esteem. Our sessions delve into the intricate relationship between nutrition and mental well-being, as we explore food labels and where our food comes from. My workshops cater to students of all ages, giving a profound understanding of the significance of nutrition in their lives.

Training sessions for education staff

The "Empowering Educators" workshop is the ideal choice for your workforce's CPD (Continued Professional Development). In this concise 60-minute session, your team will gain essential knowledge and practical strategies to promote positive body image and healthy nutrition within your classroom and social spaces.

Staff health & nutrition drop-in service

I also offer Health & Nutrition Clinics, designed to support and enhance the wellbeing and productivity of your workforce. By booking a clinic for your school, I'll attend your site and hold a one-day drop in service for staff to gain invaluable insight into their holistic health and provide useful feedback, advice and signposting to support services where needed. By providing this, I believe you can nurture a healthy work environment, improve productivity and minimise work absence.

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''My focus is on promoting self-acceptance, teaching strategies to combat negative body stereotypes, and fostering a healthy relationship with food.''

- Paul Evans, The School Nutrition Expert

About me

Hello, I'm Paul (BA Hons, MSc, RNutr), an accredited Nutritionist, Health Coach, founder of School Health UK and a Psychology and Counselling graduate.

With hands-on involvement in over 4,000 schools throughout the UK, my expertise in nutrition, health, and education is unparalleled. I understand the daily challenges leaders face in addressing nutrition and health in education, whilst also seeing first-hand the challenges school communities face around body image, self-esteem, and food policy day to day.

My aim is to educate your school community in an engaging and accessible manner, equipping you with valuable resources for both your staff and pupils that continue to benefit long after my workshops and clinics conclude. I'm committed to leaving your school with lasting, impactful knowledge that really makes a difference.

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