Nutrition Detectives

For Primary Years


This workshop allows children to explore food labels and make choices while learning about the nutritional value of foods in a fun and interactive way.

Become A Food Label Expert

Pupils will master the art of reading food labels, discovering the hidden secrets behind packaging, and making informed choices about the foods they eat.

Food Group Fun

Through exciting games and discussions, kids will learn about different food groups like fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins, and dairy, fostering an appreciation for a balanced diet.

This workshop combines interactive activities, role-playing scenarios, and taste tests to ensure that learning about nutrition is exciting and memorable.

Who is it for?

This 60-minute workshop is suitable for Primary School Aged Pupils (5+)

Interactive Learning

All participants receive "Nutrition Detective" certificates, celebrating their newfound nutrition knowledge.

What is the cost?

Priced at £167* Per 30 Pupils or £550* for the whole school day. Travel and resources included.

*Excluding VAT

Achievement Recognition

''Unlock a world of nutrition knowledge with this engaging Nutrition Detectives workshop! Designed for primary school pupils, this 60-minute interactive session is packed with fun activities that teach children how to explore food labels, identify food groups, and make healthier choices.''

- Paul, The School Nutrition Expert

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“Pupils loved Paul's fun & educational workshop offering clear and engaging insight around nutrition and food”

― Brian Tracy