About me

Hello, I'm Paul, an AfN Registered Nutritionist and Psychology and Counselling graduate (MSc, RNutr, BA).

With hands-on involvement in over 4,000 schools throughout the UK, my expertise in nutrition, health, and education is unparalleled. I understand the daily challenges leaders face in addressing nutrition education, body image, self-esteem, and food policy within their school communities.

My aim is to educate your school community in an engaging and accessible manner, equipping you with valuable resources that continue to benefit long after our workshops conclude. I'm committed to leaving schools with lasting, impactful knowledge that really makes a difference.

What I offer

With almost two decades of experience collaborating with primary and secondary schools, I bring together my expertise in nutrition and education to deliver workshops on nutrition and body image to students and staff. These sessions aim to instil healthy habits, prevent eating disorders, enhance self-esteem, boost academic performance, and foster a positive school culture. Addressing a spectrum of physical and mental health concerns, these workshops fulfil curriculum requirements while actively involving parents in the process.

Beyond workshops and staff training, I offer comprehensive staff clinics, focusing on individualised 1:1 support for the overall health and wellbeing of your workforce. This not only provides staff members with an opportunity to discuss their personal health but also offers you a valuable 'snapshot' of the health landscape within your school.

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